Often times, our customers do not know they need our services until they are already loaded up in one of our transportation vehicles. While responding to needs as they arise is something Mountain Area Transports specializes in, knowing when you may need our services can help make the process easier.

If there has ever been a time where you or a loved one has had to call a family and friend for a ride to the doctor, or to treatment, those are circumstances that non-emergency medical transportation can be utilized. Sometimes our family and friends are just not able to help, but that is where Mountain Area Transports comes in. We are dedicated to always meeting your needs on your schedule.

As the medical transportation service in Western North Carolin and Northern Georgia, we help many customers with medical needs get safely to their destination. There are a few common reasons why people often need medical transportation to get around.

Doctor’s Appointments

One of the most common needs for medical transportation is for doctor’s appointments. Whether you are in a wheelchair and need extra room for transportation, or if you just want the ease and comfort provided by Mountain Area Transports, we are equipped to get you to and from your scheduled appointments.


Many of our customers require being taken to and from dialysis when they are suffering from kidney failure. These trips are frequent and can be exhausting for the patient. Because Dialysis treatment is required on a regular basis, and it takes about four hours per each session, Mountain Area Transports can provide consistent, reliable transportation to and from your appointments, so you can worry about getting better, not how you are going to get to your treatment.

Going Home From Hospital

While an ambulance ride may take you to the hospital for services, once discharged, you may find yourself without a way home, especially if you live in a rural area and the hospital you were transported to is an hour or so away.

Often times, it can be difficult for the patient to move around, sit up, or even walk after surgery. Once they are cleared to go home or to another facility, they are eager to leave the hospital. These patients will typically call us to come to pick them up and safely get them home.

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